Why Senior Living Communities Are Great for Couples

Maybe you are looking for senior living options for you and your spouse, or perhaps you are working with aging parents on transitioning into senior care. Either way, you might be wondering what senior living communities can offer couples.

There are so many benefits that await long-term couples who move into a senior living community together, from location to amenities to care services. Continue reading to learn more about these advantages.

1. Maximum Quality Time

You likely enjoy a significant amount of time together now, but moving into a retirement community could significantly increase your quality interactions. 

The services and amenities offered at senior living communities offer you the freedom to spend more time with your loved one. With services like housekeeping, interior and exterior maintenance, and transportation, you can relax and enjoy this time as partners and friends.

A move to Independent Living means you’re set up to shift into different types of care down the road, should you need them. Many seniors find peace of mind in an Independent Living lifestyle because of this very fact. With the care of dedicated staff to help with bathing, dressing or medication management, you can settle back into the role of spouse. 

The quality of your relationships matter, both to your emotional well-being and your physical health. Being free to focus on one another will allow you to create a richer and more fulfilling experience in this phase of life. 

2. Health Care Options Adjust to Your Needs

It can be overwhelming for older adults to anticipate future care needs. No one can predict if health conditions will worsen or if you’ll experience cognitive decline as you age. For couples, this is further complicated by concern for your partner’s health. A question that might come up is, “What if my spouse’s care plan is more extensive than mine?”

Senior living care could provide you with the peace of mind you need. A Continuing Care Retirement Community – referred to at Kingswood as a Life Plan Community – adjusts their services and care to your needs. Additionally, they can provide different levels of care to residents who are in the same household.

With this option, you can receive a different level of care than your spouse and still share life together. And if your personal care needs change, you’re able to move from Independent Living to Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, Memory Support or Short-Term Rehabilitation services. 

Our Life Plan Community helps make changes to your health plan smooth and efficient, with minimal disruption to your living arrangements.

3. Transitioning to a Space That Suits Your Lifestyle

A move to senior living can look different depending on what you want. In addition to Independent Living, Kingswood offers floor plans for a variety of other lifestyles, including Assisted Living and Memory Support. Additionally, the homes are designed with high accessibility in mind. Choosing the home that fits your needs will support your continued independence while still providing you with the care and assistance you need. 

However you envision spending your retirement years, your home will be at the center of this life. Senior living residences range from quaint spaces to floor plans that are more similar to a family home. You can choose a larger home to accommodate dinner parties and holiday gatherings, or you can simplify your life by selecting a more efficient space.

4. New Experiences at Your Fingertips

In this new stage of life, it might be more difficult to access the kinds of activities and experiences you and your partner once enjoyed. A move into a senior living community offers you shared experiences that are easy and convenient for a couple who wants to stay active together. 

Senior living often provides you with multiple dining options on one campus. At Kingswood, our dining room and grab-and-go cafe make it easy to have a meal or pick up a snack, whichever you prefer. This could give you the opportunity to enjoy a romantic evening with fine cuisine or a laid-back lunch after a morning bike ride. They often host events, arrange for outings, and maintain amenities like a putting green, walking trails or a movie theater. 

Whatever entertainment or hobbies you have enjoyed with your spouse through the years, you can continue to explore, or you can easily dive into something you’re just discovering. Visit our library, community gardens or fenced-in dog park. 

Lifestyle Options for Couples at Kingswood Senior Living 

Kingswood Senior Living offers you and your spouse choices to fit the life you have built together. Among these choices are our various floor plans, flexible dining options, and the many new opportunities we make available to our residents. For more information, contact us at info@kingswoodretirementliving.com. Or schedule a virtual tour with us! We’d love to show you around!

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