Make Room for What You’re Thankful For: Downsizing and Decorating This Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year to move to senior living: the weather is cooling off, celebrations are starting to pick up and you can settle into our new home before the winter holidays. When you choose to move into retirement living, you usually think about the services and amenities, new friends, maintenance-free lifestyle and your new free time. However, you may not think about the opportunities for creativity that you’ll have, namely when it comes to decorating and designing your new living space.

“Moving to retirement living is an ideal time to downsize and create a space that suits your needs perfectly,” says Laurie Ralston, Marketing Director at Kingswood Senior Living. “Fall is a particularly cheerful time to decorate, since there are so many sensory treats of the season to enjoy. Whether this is your first season in senior living or if you’re thinking about moving to a retirement community in the near future, why not make fall 2021 a season of transformation?”

Laurie says that thinking about downsizing can be overwhelming, so it may be better to think about it in a different way. “I like to say that you’re making room for what you’re thankful for,” Laurie explains. “That puts a positive spin on the situation and really illuminates how moving into senior living can help you upsize your lifestyle. It turns into something you look forward to, which is very exciting.”

We’ve written this article to speak primarily to individuals who have or are moving into senior living. However, there are plenty of great tips that anyone can use to transform their living space during the fall months.

Tips for Decorating Your New Space

Understand your layout. What type of living space do you have? Is it a studio, a one– or two-bedroom apartment, or do you have a large villa? Understanding exactly how much space you have and how that space is laid out will help you determine exactly how to decorate and arrange your living space for fall. For example, if you have an open floor plan, you’ll want to make sure that your decor flows seamlessly from one space to another while still delineating separate areas. Or, if you have a relatively small living space, you may not want to have huge decorations and instead focus on colors and patterns to create the feel you’re going for.

Choose your items carefully. Remember that less is more when it comes to decorating a small space. As you’re arranging, make sure the room isn’t becoming too cluttered. Having just one focal point and ancillary decorations can be more impactful than a bunch of smaller knick-knacks. Choose one or two items that are most meaningful to you, and then work around those to “fill out” any empty spaces.

Decorate vertically. Normally when we think about decor, we think about things that sit on the floor or on flat surfaces. But don’t forget some of the largest empty spaces in your home – your walls! You may want to consider taking down certain pieces of art to add seasonal decor for a few months.

Use nature. Fall, especially, is a wonderful time to bring the beauty of nature inside. Mums, acorns, colorful leaves, interesting branches and grasses, pumpkins and gourds are all seasonal items that can be found at local farmers’ markets and grocery stores. A glass bowl filled with decorative gourds can dress up a coffee table in a simple yet effective way.

Add a splash of color. One of the things that experts recommend is to invest in signature pieces that are in a neutral color – things like sofas, tables and other big-yet-important items. The neutral color allows you to quickly, easily and affordably change out the seasons with throws, pillows and textiles. Switch out your existing throw pillows for ones in reds, oranges and browns, and you’ll be amazed at how cozy and fall-like your space feels.

Repurpose everyday items. If you’re downsizing or currently living in a smaller space, you may want to opt for everyday decor that you can seasonalize with just a little flair. A water pitcher can become a vase. A blanket can become a table covering. A decorative wreath can get a new facelift with pinecones and a new bow. Take a look around your items and be creative – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to transform everyday items into seasonal splendors. If you’re currently in the process of buying new decor, look for things that can be repurposed in other seasons, like tin washtubs, monochromatic glasses and reversible pillows or blankets.

We hope that these tips will help you make fall 2021 warm, cozy and cheery, whether you’re living in a private home or moving into senior living. If you’d like more information about how to spruce up a small space or how to downsize your decor for this year, contact us – we’d be happy to help you find inspiration, additional tips and more.

Welcome to Kansas City’s Senior Living Sweet Spot.

Inspired senior living at Kingswood means living the retirement lifestyle you want – and deserve. We take care of most routine chores and maintenance, so you can keep enjoying all the things you love about living in Kansas City. And you have more time to try new things and have new adventures.

All of the activities and amenities are here to do more than just keep you busy. They’re here to enhance your whole life. It’s an intentional, holistic approach that helps you live healthier and happier. And, of course, you have plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like spending time with friends and family.

Our Life Plan Community offers all levels of care right on campus, from Independent Living and Assisted Living to Memory Support, Short-Term Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care.

Because Kingswood is a Life Plan Community, you can enjoy your independent lifestyle now and be assured all levels of care are available on site when you need it, at a discounted rate for life. This is an outstanding senior living value because you are assured access to care in the comfort of familiar surroundings. When combined with our maintenance-provided lifestyle, a Life Plan Community represents an affordable option providing value beyond your current home and other senior living community offerings … and peace of mind for a lifetime.

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