Ready To Make the Move? Why Summer Is the Perfect Time!

When is the right time to move into senior living? There’s really no wrong answer, as there are so many benefits that senior retirement living can provide active and independent older adults. However, the time of year can definitely play a part in making the transition easier – or not. For example, moving in the winter months can be a challenge, while summertime can be a much more enjoyable experience, says Laurie Ralston, Marketing Director at Kingswood Senior Living.

“Summer is a great time to move because the days are longer, the weather is more tolerable than snow or rain and you’re moving into a community when they have tons of opportunities and events,” she says. “This is especially true during the summer of 2021, when COVID-19 restrictions are being eased and people are ready to get outside and enjoy everything their communities have to offer.”

Laurie says that no matter when you choose to move into senior living, the most important thing is to be ready and excited about the move. “The best time to move is when you’re ready because then you’ll be better equipped to enjoy everything the community has to offer,” she says. “We do love when people move into Kingswood during the summer months because it gives them a chance to settle in and get comfortable before the holidays arrive. As anyone knows, once you hit September, it seems like the rest of the year fills up with parties, activities and responsibilities. If you’ve moved to a retirement community in the summer, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy the holidays with minimal stress and fuss.”

If you’ve been considering moving into retirement living, but aren’t sure when the best time would be, here are five reasons why summer may be the perfect time to make your move:

1. The weather is ideal for moving.

First things first – the weather is just better in summer. Although you may have to deal with some high temperatures, you’ll be past the spring heavy-rain-and-tornado season and not yet have entered the fall heavy-rain-and-tornado season. Nicer weather means it’s easier to manage all the details of your move without having to worry about bad weather.

2. Summer is prime home-selling time.

Let’s be real. There’s no wrong time to sell your home, especially in today’s hot housing market. However, summer is still a great time to sell a home because families are trying to coordinate moving around summer break. If you’re in a position where you need to sell your home before or during a move to retirement living, summer is the perfect time to make that happen.

3. The risk of COVID exposure is lower in warm months.

Although COVID-19 rates are dropping and vaccination rates are increasing, some seniors may still feel anxious about potential health issues. That’s okay – in summer, you can spend more time outside in the open air, which means that you can significantly reduce your risk of developing illnesses. Plus, by summer, many more people will have been vaccinated, reducing the risk of exposure even further.

4. Longer days make it easier.

Ever notice how much more productive you are when the days are longer? If you’re moving during the summer months, you have the opportunity to make things happen more quickly because there’s so much more daylight. Longer days mean better energy and even safer environments for older adults. You have less chance of slipping on ice or dealing with winter’s chill when, well, you’re in the middle of summer. And that’s pretty cool.

5. The opportunity to make the community “home.”

Moving into senior living can be a huge change for you – there’s no doubt about that. Which is why moving in summer can be so beneficial. You have the opportunity to “turn the page” prior to events that are ripe with emotional connection, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. When you move in summer, you’re able to close the books on one chapter of life while giving yourself a few months to settle into your new home before the “traditional” gatherings take place. Moving in fall and winter can be difficult in many ways – you may need to coordinate around family commitments, for example. In summer, there are fewer commitments, which makes it easier for you to focus on your move and your well-being.

Managing a Summertime Move

If you or a loved one are considering moving into senior living during the summer months, here are some tips for making the transition even easier.

  • Choose a reputable moving company. At Kingswood, we work with a moving company that specializes in helping seniors transition from living in a private home to a community. Choosing the right company can help make the move that much smoother (and give you less stress).
  • Downsize and declutter as soon as possible. Not only will this make packing and moving easier – remember that summer is the prime time for garage and estate sales. If you have a lot of things to get rid of, this is the perfect time of year to move things with minimal hassle.
  • Visit the community often and get accurate measurements. Visiting the community prior to the big move can help make the transition a little less stressful and help you feel more at “home” when you officially become a resident. This helps you to get a feel for the space and even allows you to make acquaintances prior to moving in.
  • Understand that change can be stressful. Although we all want change to be easy and smooth, remember that moving is incredibly trying and difficult for everyone involved. Take a deep breath and realize that not everything will be sunshine and roses. However, thanks to good weather and longer days, moving can be a little less stressful, which will make your transition that much more enjoyable!

Welcome to Kansas City’s Senior Living Sweet Spot.

Inspired senior living at Kingswood means living the retirement lifestyle you want – and deserve. We take care of most routine chores and maintenance, so you can keep enjoying all the things you love about living in Kansas City. And you have more time to try new things and have new adventures.

All of the activities and amenities are here to do more than just keep you busy. They’re here to enhance your whole life. It’s an intentional, holistic approach that helps you live healthier and happier. And, of course, you have plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like spending time with friends and family.

Our Life Plan Community offers all levels of care right on campus, from Independent Living and Assisted Living to Memory Support, Short-Term Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care.

Because Kingswood is a Life Plan Community, you can enjoy your independent lifestyle now and be assured all levels of care are available on site when you need it, at a discounted rate for life. This is an outstanding senior living value because you are assured access to care in the comfort of familiar surroundings. When combined with our maintenance-provided lifestyle, a Life Plan Community represents an affordable option providing value beyond your current home and other senior living community offerings … and peace of mind for a lifetime.

Contact us today to schedule your personal visit. (816) 673-2835

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