How Kingswood Senior Living Provides Support and Independence

“Independence can mean a lot of different things,” says Laurie Ralston, Marketing Director at Kingswood Senior Living. “Some people may define independence as living completely on their own and personally handling every aspect of their lives, while others may consider it as having the support they need to enjoy the things they want to do,” she states. “It really depends on what stage of life you’re in, what your needs are and what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Older retirees, for example, have different expectations and requirements for “independence” than a younger individual who’s still raising a family and working a career. “For seniors, independence is often paired with support, especially as they age,” Laurie says. “That is, after all, the basis of what a senior living community like Kingswood Senior Living is set up to do. Our community has been designed so that all seniors, whether they are completely independent or require a high level of care, can live the lifestyle they choose … while receiving the support they may need.”

In honor of National Senior Independence Month, here are just a few ways that today’s seniors can find independence at Kingswood Senior Living.

Independence … from chores and maintenance.

As an all-inclusive, maintenance free community, Kingswood Senior Living provides a lifestyle that’s easy and enjoyable. We take care of most routine chores and maintenance, so you have more time to try new things, have new adventures and live life to the fullest each day. Say goodbye to cleaning and cooking (unless, of course, that’s something you like to do). Running errands? A thing of the past. We provide all the comforts of home without you having to lift a finger. That means you can spend your golden years relaxing and enjoying the simple pleasures in life – or forging a new path. It’s your choice.

Independence … from boredom.

One thing we have realized from the pandemic of 2020: being stuck at home can be pretty darn boring and lonely. Our home at Kingswood, however, is chock-full of activities and services to fill your days without ever having to step foot off campus. (Although we provide plenty of opportunities for you to get out and enjoy everything Kansas City has to offer.) Take a fitness class or have our Wellness Coordinator set you up on a workout program in our fitness center. Swim laps at our aquatic center. Join a new club or pick up an interesting hobby. Here, you can be as active as you’d like … and best of all, we’ll plan everything for you so all you have to do is show up.

Independence from … a poor quality of life.

A holistic approach to wellness can have a big impact on your health and happiness. We’ve discovered that wellness isn’t just getting enough exercise and eating right. From enjoying a sense of purpose and nurturing your intellect to feeling safe in your own home and being connected to others, true wellness is a whole-body, comprehensive approach that allows you to be the best you can be. At Kingswood, our lifestyle is focused around seven dimensions of wellness to provide an overall approach that provides seniors with a high quality of life that enables them to age well and feel well … always. Our wellness approach follows these dimensions:

  • Emotional: Finding healthy ways to adjust to changes in life.
  • Environmental: Creating welcoming spaces, enjoying nature and making your residence your home.
  • Intellectual: Staying sharp by feeding curiosity and challenging yourself.
  • Vocational: Using your experience to help others or pursue new volunteer opportunities.
  • Physical: Taking care of your body so you can keep doing what you love.
  • Social: Connecting with others to make life richer – and more fun.
  • Spiritual: Adding meaning through spiritual and religious participation.

Independence … from rising health care costs.

We have many Independent Living residents who joined our community because they want just that: an independent lifestyle. They are enjoying their independence now and also have peace of mind, knowing that no matter how their health needs change in the future, they’ll still be able to live independently and safely thanks to our full continuum of care available on campus. Kingswood is a Life Plan Community, meaning all levels of care are available on site when you need it, at a discounted rate for life. That’s comfort for now and always.

Independence … with caring assistance.

No one wants to be dependent on others as we age. But we believe “dependence” and “assistance” are two very different words, and that is the heart of our philosophy with our Assisted Living services. Our dedicated staff provides needed assistance with bathing, dressing, medication management and more. Our goal is for residents to feel confident, secure and be as independent as possible, knowing they have just the right amount of support they need and desire.

Independence … by providing choice in the heart of a city you love.

Ultimately, independence is whatever you want it to be. For older adults in the Kansas City area, Kingswood wants to help define what independence means for you. Our spectacular services, amenities and continuum of care provide a backdrop, so you can create the retirement lifestyle you want and deserve.

Welcome to Kansas City’s Senior Living Sweet Spot.

Inspired senior living at Kingswood means living the retirement lifestyle on your own terms. We take care of most routine chores and maintenance, so you can keep enjoying all the things you love about living in Kansas City. And you have more time to try new things and have new adventures.

All of the activities and amenities are here to do more than just keep you busy. They’re here to enhance your whole life. It’s an intentional, holistic approach that helps you live healthier and happier. And, of course, you have plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like spending time with friends and family.

Our Life Plan Community offers all levels of care right on campus, from Independent Living and Assisted Living to Memory Support, Short-Term Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care.

Because Kingswood is a Life Plan Community, you can enjoy your independent lifestyle now and be assured all levels of care are available on site when you need it, at a discounted rate for life. This is an outstanding senior living value because you are assured access to care in the comfort of familiar surroundings. When combined with our maintenance-provided lifestyle, a Life Plan Community represents an affordable option providing value beyond your current home and other senior living community offerings … and peace of mind for a lifetime.

Contact us today to schedule your personal visit. (816) 673-2835

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